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The problem with email culture

Email can get painful, especially when used in a corporate environment. Too much information is pushed into too many inboxes. This results in fragmentation, inconsistency—and spam.

The solution to this problem is contextualization. And thus Colayer.

The smartest way to collaborate

Using state-of-the-art Cloud technology, Colayer merges intranet, extranet, (group) messaging system and document management into one seamless collaboration, communication and knowledge platform.

No more wondering who has the latest version of a file. No more overloading everyone with too much information.

With Colayer, there is only one version of each document, and only the relevant people get only the relevant news and updates.

The power of contextualization

Colayer creates a knowledge store that contains the final documents with their entire history, including all associated conversations, the people involved etc. And since all information is owned and managed collectively, Colayer brings collaboration to a new level. Even over time. Why? Because when retrieving the final documents years later, they are embedded in their original context, with all issues and decisions around them.

Finally, by providing the full history of each person, project and piece of information, Colayer helps quickly (re-)assemble the right teams for solving any given problem from within as well as from outside your company.

Make Colayer your own—with The TimesTM

At the heart of Colayer’s collaboration platform is The Times. Consider it a kind of personal corporate newspaper (hence the name), providing the most relevant updates for each employee on one customized page.

Organized according to context and the structure of your business, The Times features to do’s, proposals, deliverables, discussions, research reports, legal documents or social updates.

If you navigate within the content or discover a useful document in search, you will also find the entire context and all the people involved.

Create any kind of content—with The ShuttleTM

The Shuttle is the universal and highly customizable way to create content in Colayer. It is the toolbox that accompanies you anywhere you go, providing all relevant forms and possibilities to create different items.

It starts with a one-liner Shuttle for quick and short messages. Simply expand The Shuttle to create standard messages and attach files, links, images, abstracts, html, tags etc.

Finally, The Shuttle also allows you to create specific, pre-defined content types, such as proposals, deliverables, knowledge items or legal items. These content types are individually created to fit the business context of each Colayer environment.

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Say goodbye to toxic email culture. Put all the news and updates regarding each project in one place. And this way radically simplify communication and collaboration.

We’re looking forward to getting back to you and tell you more about our unique platform.

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