Unified Collaboration
Unified Collaboration

In most of enterprises today, the #Intranet is mainly used for broadcasting messages: Only a few people create the content for all the employees. Most of the communication however still goes via #email, with all the problems related to it: fragmentation, inconsistency, spam etc.

Besides, most of the enterprises maintain a #DocumentManagement system for storing the final documents. As project communication and documentation are two separate processes, the documentation often happens at the end and crucial information gets lost on the way. Also, when retrieving the documents months or years later, they are often of limited relevance, as the context of the document is not known anymore: The author may have left the company or is busy elsewhere.

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Document Management

The #UnifiedCollaboration platform of Colayer merges Intra- and Extranet, Email Group messaging and Document Management into one seamless communication- and knowledge platform. Merging communication and documentation into one process leads to many benefits:

Communication becomes much simpler on one integrated system. Colayer provides all most relevant updates for each employee on one personalized page (The #Times page), which makes it easy to keep track on what is happening in their projects and in the company & industry in general.

And by integrating communication and documentation, everything will end up in the knowledge store: Not just of the final documents, but all associated discussion with all involved people. When retrieving the final documents later, they are embedded in their history, with all discussions around them: all involved people with all streams of questions, issues, todos, decisions, etc.