The Times: Your Personal Newspaper
image IMG_2538181times

The #Times page is usually the first page you get in Colayer after sign in. The Times is the personal newspaper of your business communication: It provides an overview of all relevant new content since your last sign in.

The Times replaces your #email #inbox. It displays all relevant conversations, new documents, todos, questions, discussions etc in one single page. It is the place, where you start your work, and where you come back frequently to check, what’s the news.

Different to your inbox or the social timeline of Facebook, Twitter etc, the Times is organized according to #context, not according to the time: Just like a newspaper, you get the 10 new messages, documents and todos for one particular project all at the same place and not spread all over your inbox. Hence, the 100 news for a specified time period (usually since your last login), are organized according to the structure of your business: The organizational chart, the projects and sub-projects.

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The Times is the base of Colayer’s #Contextualization , simplifying communication and collaboration by leaving all content in its original place, together with the full history. If you navigate in the content, or find a useful document in search, you will also find all content and all people involved in creating this information.

Times is a registered Trademark of Colayer.