Colayer Unified Collaboration - Social Networking - Contextualization

Unified Collaboration

Fragmentation of Communication is a major challenge in today's business: Why would we need a separate Intranet, Document Management System, Knowledge Store and still communicate mostly via Email?

Colayer Unified Collaboration brings the different Collaboration Tools together and merges them with the knowledge store - So that your enterprise communication and knowledge management becomes as natural as life.

Enterprise Social Networking

For most of our daily business issues, there would be thousands or millions of people somewhere out there, who could support us solving them. Social Media makes the web about the People, not just the information - and about their competencies, not just about their content.

Colayer Enterprise Social Networking makes sure you connect at the right time to the right experts - within your enterprise, as well as outside.

Contextualization: The Business is the Context

Context drives Conversations - But what is the right context in business? - Is it the time of creation? the person, who created it? or the type of information? Different to Email and most Social Media and Collaboration Tools, Colayer is organized according to business context: Organization, projects and topics.