Enterprise Social Networking
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On #Web1.0, the #Googlization was all about the content revolution: To get any piece of information online and to make all information available in search results to anyone at any time.

On #Web2.0, or the #SocialWeb, it is all about the people and their competencies. Web 2.0 is about the ability to connect the right people at the right time:

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Finding and matching the right people has become the key success factor in today’s #KnowledgeIndustry: As the problems get more & more complex, a #KnowledgeWorker may not find a ready-made solution for his problems anymore on the web or within an internal knowledge store – but he may find people who are able to help find solutions to his individual problems. Knowledge work has become more and more dependent on being able to quickly assemble and re-assemble the right teams for given problems – from within as well as from outside the company.

The unified collaboration platform of Colayer supports this social matching process in various ways:
On one side, by providing the full history of each person, project and each single piece of information within its original content. This makes it easy to find each person with their role within a project. And it allows various profiling options as aggregations of history information - such as #SocialNetworkingAnalyzis, etc.

On the other side, Colayer creates a culture of sharing and collaboration: Providing social places (besides workplaces) increases a culture of trust. And storing and managing all knowledge collectively creates a common team spirit and collective ownership.