The IdeaWeaver Shuttle: Creating Content
image IMG_5640006shutt

The #Shuttle is the universal way to create content in Colayer: The Shuttle is the toolbox, which accompanies you anywhere you go in Colayer, providing all relevant forms & possibilities to create different items.

The Shuttle appears on click anywhere in Colayer. It starts with a one-liner Shuttle for quick & short messages:

image IMG_21904shuttle

The shuttle can be expanded to creates standard message:

image IMG_51890shuttle

The standard Shuttle also provides several possibilities to attach files, links, images, abstracts, html, tags etc to an item.

And it allows to create specific, pre-defined content types: Proposals, Deliverables, Knowledge Items, Legal Items etc. These types are individually created to fit the business context of each Colayer environment.

image IMG_36699shuttle

We also call the Shuttle the #IdeaWeaver, because it helps to weave our ideas into the carpet of knowledge of the enterprise.

Shuttle is a registered Trademark of Colayer.