Cloud Platform: Colayer Davos
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Colayer Davos is our latest technology platform to create collaborative web 2.0 Internet, Intra- and Extranet applications.

The key features of Colayer are the #Times page and the #Shuttle: Simplifying collaborative work by providing relevant information to professionals and providing an easy & intuitive way to interact.

Colayer Davos is a pure #cloud platform: As #SaaS, it runs in the cloud and as #PaaS & #IaaS, all applications are developed and managed in the cloud. Colayer can run in the public, as well as in a private cloud.

Colayer Technology is built on a #NoSQL philosophy, which is the base of its flexibility and #eXtensibility: Supporting agile and rapid development.

Colayer Davos is #SwissMadeSoftware: The core, as well as special developments are mainly developed in Z├╝rich and Davos, while features and projects are mainly developed in Pune, India.

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